The Law of Attraction- What Kind of Man Are You Attracting?

We all know that physical attraction plays a large role in our romantic relationships. But have you ever considered how your appearance can affect the type of person your are attracting- for better or for worse? Is your appearance attracting the right kind of guy, and most especially the type of guy you would like to have a serious relationship with?

With so much emphasis placed on how sexy we look and having the "perfect"... everything, are we really considering the ramifications of the choices we make just to look and be considered sexy? We may get a double-take, be the topic of a meaningless conversation, and seemingly be having a good time as we look cute, but all this attention is pointless if it ultimately attracts the wrong type of person, and most importantly, does not interest the right type of man.

The wrong type of guy is the guy who is drawn to a woman because, and largely only because of her appearance. If you attract a guy because you look sexy, well then, sex is probably what is on his mind. I'm sure that women today do not want to be objectified and find it more gratifying to be involved in a meaningful relationship based on more than mere physical attraction. If you dress in a manner that not only attracts, but invites the wrong type of guy in your life, no matter how much you hope for a different outcome, the wrong type of guy will always be drawn to you.

A man who is drawn to a woman because she looks sexy may not only have one thing on his mind, but his taste in women can also be a testament of his entire character. You aren't the only good lookin' girl out there. If you caught his eye because you look good then what happens when he notices the next pretty thing that comes along? In other words, if he has an eye for sexually attractive women then he probably has a wandering eye too. Who knows what that wandering eye can lead to? Obviously, we know what happened when you caught his eye. Does he stop there? My gut feeling is that the answer is something none of us likes.

So is it still possible to attract the right kind of kind and be sexy? Let's consider the characteristics of a man who is the right kind. If he is someone who is disciplined and can control his "manly urges", he is probably someone who is most attracted to a woman who is respectful to her body, and modesty is a must. The right kind views sex as something sacred, intimate, and personal. A woman who flaunts her stuff gives off the message that to her, sexuality is a casual matter. If you want to attract someone who treats sexuality with respect and restraint, then your appearance needs to reflect similar values too. In turn, what you reflect is what you attract.

More than ever, women need to be cautiously aware of what messages we are sending to men. With today's obsession with being sexy and sexual expression, we are losing sight of the long-term consequences of such behavior. We must remember to treat our own bodies with respect if we want that respect in return. And remember, it is not just a matter of who you are attracting, but also a matter of who you are not.

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