Sex Sells...Don't Sell Yourself Out

What has happened to the reverence and virtue of a woman’s body? What was once considered sacred and personal is now casually splashed across magazines, television, and the internet as a marketing tool and entertainment. The pursuit of fame and money has deteriorated moral standards and consequently diminished the sanctity of a woman’s body.

From mainstream media to the women around us, sex and sexuality are being utilized to promote, establish, and even catapult the media’s objectives and a woman’s career. But when moral standards are completely put aside in exchange for celebrity and wealth it provokes the call to women, “Sex sells…don’t sell yourself out!”

Not only is selling one’s sexuality cheap and easy; but there is another fundamental reason why the promotion of it is selling one’s self out.

The virtue of a woman is priceless. Meaning, it is something that is sacred and personal. When it is displayed for hundreds, if not millions of people to view, and sold or “bought” for a price… that person has thus “sold out”. She has put a price tag on, if not given away something that is sacred and special.

It was once taboo to pose nude and be associated with sexually explicit and suggestive material. But due to the obsession of celebrity and materialism, fame and riches have overshadowed the greater principle.

Actresses and singers have established their careers being sexually provocative. Some have even resorted to sexier public images in an effort to gain greater momentum or reach a larger audience in their careers. Even on personal web pages and social profiles, a disturbingly large number of women showcase photos of themselves that are sexual and pornographic.

What is the point?

What type of person are these women trying to attract and what amount of fame and fortune is worth compromising purity and perpetuating the stereotype of women as sexual objects?

Our culture has lost sight of what is truly valuable and instead focused on mainstream popularity and the false perception that money can buy happiness. It is a disturbing trend that is becoming more pervasive as women consciously decide to employ sex as a means for making a name for themselves.

The trend begins and ends with women. Individually a woman can decide that there is a greater principle to live by— upholding to a virtuous standard—for herself and women collectively. In so doing she decides that her body is not for sale, or rent.

Each woman has a choice in the destructive trend— sex sells… don’t sell yourself out!

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