Fun vs. Happiness

As a member of a social networking site each us has the opportunity to stay connected and become reconnected with friends. We also have the opportunity to receive updates about moods, activities, whereabouts, or whatever it may be that our friends would like to share with us.

Over the past few months, there are a couple of status updates from friends about happiness that caught my attention. Two separate expressions from friends both indicated that they were wondering about what I believe is the quandary of “Fun vs. Happiness”. One friend expressed that she wondered if “there is more to life” and another questioned if “there is something more” out there for her.

As I read these two expressions I wondered to myself if they are making the same mistake many do. Many, in their quest for happiness, confuse happiness with having fun; there is a big difference between the two. Having fun lasts for only a moment and happiness is a state of being. What happens for many is they try to find happiness through having fun.

Given that fun is only a moment in time, it only offers short-term satisfaction. Once the party, night at the club, shopping spree, or any particular event is over, so is any amount of gratification. If one’s lifestyle is largely based on finding fulfillment through fun activities they will be fighting a constant battle.

Every time one fun experience is over they will be searching and ready for the next opportunity to have a good time; constantly struggling to fill a void that just won’t stay filled. There is nothing long-term about having fun because it is an emotional high, not a constant state of being.

The key to finding happiness is engaging in activities that are fulfilling in the truest sense of the word—filling the soul. That comes from living by principles and values, engaging in worthwhile activities, and pursuing quality personal interests. Each of these offers purpose, direction, and are spiritually rewarding.

Happiness is dependent upon one’s lifestyle. A lifestyle based on fun moments will always be that, fun at moments. But, a lifestyle that is based upon standards and quality activities will be fulfilling.

Discovering personal beliefs; participating in activities that are productive, educational, and service oriented; and pursuing personal interests, provides more satisfaction than any social event or self-indulgent activity will ever supply.

A quality life is based upon quality activities. An accumulation of fun will never equal happiness nor will it ever substitute it. “There is more to life” and “something more out there” than purely having fun. Following life goals and finding purpose offers a sense of accomplishment, completion, and a constant fulfillment that leads to a happy state of being.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. If you are searching for happiness, immersing yourself in activities that build your personal character will bring that sense of peace and contenment many are looking for. Vacations, the next party or date will bring a moment of pleasure, but are not enough to sustain a person for a lifetime.