Are Self-Help Segments Missing the Mark with Women?

There have been times when it has become disappointing to watch women’s talk shows and their “self-help” segments. Segments that are tailored toward women, our interests and well-being seem to be more about perpetuating a certain standard of beauty. Though paved with good intentions, some talk shows are missing the mark with the female viewer by leaving her with a greater sense of inadequacy and yet another reason to feel self-conscious about her physical features.

While many self-help segments focus on spirituality, happiness, and personal well-being, there are many that also focus on beauty and fashion. Intended to teach the viewer how to achieve a certain look, what comes across as a helpful tip is perceived by the viewer as what she is not.

Every week we hear about some part of us we need to be conscious about. One week it is the proper fitting jean. The next, are we aging gracefully? The list goes on and on. From fashion, to our skin and make-up, hairstyle, and yes…even eyebrows, there is an “appropriate” way to do everything.

For most women, the expense is overwhelming; let alone the expectation!

If we are to embrace inner beauty and the natural woman, don’t sell a standard of beauty and style that is based upon stereotypical definitions.

Effective “self-help” should perpetuate a stronger sense of self-worth and a feeling of enrichment; not feelings of inadequacy and imperfection.

Of course we want to have fun being pampered and made-over—we are women! But how about doing it constructively? Leave out the footage of innocent bystanders who are suddenly placed under the microscope to add amusement to the material, whisked away to be “fixed” as millions of viewers join in the spectacle. In reality, the majority of the audience identifies with the unsuspecting victim. These segments should help the viewer not to feel judged, belittled and ridiculed for not meeting a superficial standard.

Many women do not care to fit the mold and many are happy with their appearance; and many more could be if someone did not tell them to think otherwise.

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