The Foundation of a Lasting Romance

All healthy and successful relationships are, and must be based upon a strong foundation. If there is no real foundation in a relationship, then it is based upon superficial circumstances that ultimately fade away and lead to a meaningless and empty romance. However, discovering how to find a meaningful and fulfilling relationship just takes a little introspection - because what constitutes a strong romantic foundation lies within you; literally!

First, take a look at your own life. What is your foundation? Ask yourself what your driving force in life is and what your core beliefs are? What principles and values do you live by and what keeps you going day to day? This is important because it establishes who you are, and in turn knowing who you are is essential to knowing who you are compatible with.

Compatibility goes deeper than just getting along with someone else; it is about sharing the same beliefs, values, and purpose. So as you discover who you are, you are discovering who you are compatible with. Then, the reasons for your compatibility all together become your relationships core foundation- a foundation for a lasting relationship.

Think about it. When a relationship is built upon such qualities as values, beliefs, principles and purpose, it is then based upon substantive factors. These are all specific characteristics that define who you are- they make you, you. And when his character is defined by those same qualities, together you share common ideals that are oh-so critical as you both work together on and in your relationship, and ultimately through your lives together. So in other words:

Your Foundation + His Common Foundation = A Solid Foundation.

Have you ever been in a relationship where on the surface you are having a great time and everything seems to be going wonderfully but, for some reason you find that you just can't shake this feeling that something is missing? It was (or maybe it is now) because what truly matters most to you- what makes you, you- wasn't (or isn't) what made him, him. Having fun with someone, laughing together, sharing some of the same interests can only go so far. You know what truly makes you happy, what really matters and is meaningful in your life. True happiness doesn't come in moments, in comes through living by principles and values. And if he doesn't share your same values, and more especially, doesn't help you to live by them, then you will always be left feeling empty. Don't feel that way! These feelings in and of themselves go against your core values.

Lastly, your common beliefs and goals will have great significance throughout your relationship. When your relationship is built on that solid foundation it will be the anchor of your relationship through thick and thin. The thin: You will both be working toward the same goals in life and share many of the same perspectives. Through the thick: you will both know what to rely upon- knowledge, resources, and/or personal faith- when challenges and difficult situations arise. Now that is what healthy, happy relationships are all about!

There is immeasurable power when you understand the importance of a good foundation. It will make you happy long-term, give your relationship direction, and create a romance that is fulfilling, full of friendship and true love- a foundation for a lasting romance.

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